Contract Management

Effective contract management is critical to a complete procurement cycle, but manual contract approval means cumbersome documentation back-and-forth and mostly takes long to complete. ProSmart's one-stop auditable hub integrates compliance-prioritized documentation and dynamic collaboration functions for organizations to manage all contract matters, from collecting and revising to approving and signing across departments and suppliers, from secure storage and easy retrival to compliant retension. With meticulous priviledge setting and access control, ProSmart allows different designated users to access documents and information they need and make quick actions. Automated notifications also minimize the lead time for every stakeholder to update, approve or sign a contract.


Contract Management

Easily manage contracts with one-stop repository


Store, track, search and report contracts in structured and effective way with precise version control


Dynamically collaborate with multi-parties involved in contract preparation, review and signing with auditability

Compliance & Control

Manage governance structure for complex contract management in flexible and credible way

Document Retention

Govern retention and access of documents until the time of disposition

ERP Integration

Synchronize with third-party ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP to facilitate payment and inventory-related processes