Supplier Management

Strategic procurement starts by sourcing and qualifying suppliers, and a properly managed supplier database is the key start for efficient and quality procurement. ProSmart enables procurers to easily communicate with suppliers for qualification data collection and profile background check, and to systematically record and review supplier performance, all in one hub, enhancing collaboration and productivity and minimizing manual-based workload and human error. This dedicated supplier management facilitates the good start of every procurement cycle and ensures an on-going improving pool that reveals to you quality suppliers with reliable, traceable historical records for the best decision made.

Supplier Sourcing

Source new suppliers based on supplier offerings

Supplier Prequalification

Pre-qualify suppliers based on various criteria and/ or supplier submissions

Supplier Approval

Enable reviews and/ or approvers to approve inclusion of qualified companies into internal supplier list with preset routing

Supplier Categorization

Assign suppliers into different preset categories for easy management

Supplier Review

Review suppliers on regular and/ or ad-hoc basis, and remove them from master list if necessary

Supplier Enablement

Enable suppliers to update their own profile and other information, with various localized support options

ERP Integration

Synchronize with third-party ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP for other supplier-related functions