Tendering is a very specific scope of procurement. Organizations with this operation expect comprehensive management of all small-scale sourcing for routine supplies to large-scale tendering of million dollar projects. This makes the whole process stringent and demands full compliance, traceability and auditability. This is why the operation within ProSmart is transparent and secure when empowering an entire e-tendering process with modular tools to fulfill the varying needs of different tendering types and practices, such as tender or RFQ creation and price-only or two-envelope submission. Actionable tools for analysis and evaluation of suppliers' submissions can also significantly speed up the tendering process. The simple and light user interface ensures all involved users, from the internal tendering team, project team and management to external suppliers, stay focused on what documents and information they have to go through and what tasks to complete.


Tender/ RFQ Creation

Create tenders/ RFQs for online invitation, notification and submission

Price-Only/ Two-Envelope Submission

Support both price-only and two-envelope submissions

Online Approval Flows

Set routing for decision makers to review and approve tender/ RFQ issuance, amendments and other actions

Rule-based Invitation

Invite suppliers based on categories, with random selection of suppliers or specified rules

Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

Perform detailed analysis and further procurement automation with structured pricing templates

Online Declaration of Interest (DOI)

Set control of tender/ RFQ documents to grant access only to panel members with proper declaration of interest (DOI)

Query (Clarification/ Q&A)

Enable easy exchange of questions and answers between procurer and suppliers with unification, traceability and logging

Online Evaluation & Analysis

Conduct evaluations online with detailed analysis data ready, all within ProSmart

Letter of Acceptance

Make just a few clicks to get letters of acceptance and regret prepared and rendered automatically

Tender/ RFQ-based Supplier Review

Review suppliers’ performance by every awarded tender/ RFQ


Support both inbuilt and external reporting tools for multiple analysis needs

Audit Trail

Keep full trail for crosschecking with audit and compliance requirements

ERP Integration

Synchronize with third-party ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP for pre- and post-tender/RFQ processes