ProSmart is a market-proven procurement suite that integrates digital management of suppliers, tendering, purchasing and contracts with a combination of 300+ off-the-shelf module functions. These flexible tools are designed with our market know-how for you to build seamless end-to-end e-procurement workflows that work specifically for your organization’s practice and significantly shorten procurement processes with great transparency, auditability and compliance.

Supplier Management and Contract Management are focus modules for organizations' dedicated effort in the two major aspects that should be managed structurally for an ever improving supplier pool and compliant contract repository, the ground for sustainable procurement management. e-Tendering and e-Purchasing house the most practical functions that let you automate all the meticulous sharing, collecting, selecting, approval and other steps to accelerate acquisition of goods and services with abundant quality choices.

With a dynamic approach, ProSmart streamlines procure-to-pay procedures to empower and engage different users in your organization at the right time and right situation for the right action. The 24/7 online platform of ProSmart presents everything a user needs in hand anytime, anywhere, with a straight-forward user interface to faciliate their efficient and precise decisions and actions.